• Kait Neese

    Kait Neese

    Addicted to all things Digital Publishing. Southeast Account Manager. Springer Nature. All tweets are my own.

  • ian karczewski

    ian karczewski

    make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood. via daniel burnham

  • julia hobsbawm

    julia hobsbawm

    Social Health in a Complex Age and the Future of Work. Award-winning author of The Simplicity Principle and author of Fully Connected. www.juliahobsbawm.com

  • Okpara Augustine

    Okpara Augustine

    I love to learn new things. I have a wide range of interest....Science, Philosophy, you name it.

  • Dale Yuzuki

    Dale Yuzuki

    Business development and marketing professional;, next-generation sequencing, clinical genomics, and genetic technologies in general. http://yuz.li/a0

  • Jonnie Sharp

    Jonnie Sharp

    Truth seeker.

  • Oceanwire


    Curating the knowledge, news and sheer wonder of our oceans.

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